Kinshasa, 21 June 2022: The Congolese Association for Access to Justice (CAAJ) welcomes the effective holding of the Nairobi Conclave and the conclusions adopted by the Heads of State regarding the situation in the Eastern part of the Democratic
Republic of Congo.

The CAAJ welcomes, (i) on the one hand, the fact that the Conclave, while reasserting the sacrosanct principle of the intangibility of borders, invited Member States not to offer hospitality to armed gangs and to provide them with a launching pad for the destabilization of other States and, (ii) the creation and imminent deployment of a regional military force to prevent, deter and/or suppress all hostile forces likely to disrupt peace, stability, security and development in the East African region.

The CAAJ notes with satisfaction the non-participation of Rwanda in the implementation of the EAC regional military force in the DRC because of its support to the M23.

Moreover, the CAAJ invites the Government of the DR Congo, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to capitalise on all political and diplomatic levers in order to obtain an urgent implementation of the above-mentioned decisions.

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